Fabrice Defever            

Professor of Economics, University of Lille

Research Fellow at CEP, London School of Economics
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Working Papers

Evaluating the Impact of Export Finance Support on Firm-level Export Performance: Evidence from Pakistan, World Bank Policy Research Paper 9362, 2020, with Alejandro Riaño and Gonzalo Varela  [PDF] R&R Canadian Journal of Economics

         ♦ Media: [Dawn, August 15, 2020] [Pakistan Development Update: Reviving Exports - The World Bank] [The Express Tribune, November 15, 2021]


Trade Liberalization and Third-Market Effects, with Emanuel Ornelas, 2019, CEP mimeo

Innovation Union: Costs and Benefits of Innovation Policy Coordination  
with Teodora Borota Milicevic, Giammario Impullitti and Adam Hal Spencer, 2022, CEPR Press Discussion Paper No. 17549. [PDF] R&R Journal of the European Economic Association

Articles in Academic Journals

The Twin Peaks of the Export Intensity Distribution,

with Alejandro Riaño, Journal of the European Economic Association, Volume 20, Issue 3, 2022, 1347-1394.  [PDF]   Online Appendix [PDF]

         ♦ Previous version: CEP Discussion Paper No 1505 [PDF]

         ♦ See our Column in VoxEU


Firm-Destination Heterogeneity and the Distribution of Export Intensity,

with Alejandro Riaño, Economics Letters, 2022, Volume 219, 110810. [PDF]


Financial System Architecture and the Patterns of International Trade,

with Emmanuel Amissah, Spiros Bougheas and Rod Falvey, European Economic Review, 2021, Volume 136, 103751 [PDF]


Trade liberalization, Trade Intermediaries and Firm Productivity: Evidence from China  

with Michele Imbruno and Richard Kneller, Journal of Intenrational Economics, 2020, Vol 126, 103329 [PDF]

All These Worlds Are Yours, Except India: The Effectiveness of Export Subsidies in Nepal
with José-Daniel Reyes, Alejandro Riaño, Gonzalo Varela, European Economic Review, 2020, Volume 128, 103494 [PDF]

Special Economic Zones and WTO Compliance: Evidence from the Dominican Republic

with José-Daniel Reyes, Alejandro Riaño and Miguel Eduardo Sánchez Martín, Economica, 2019, Vol 86, Issue 343 p. 532-568 [PDF]

         ♦ Backgroup paper for the World Bank Report "Special Economic Zones in the Dominican Republic" (2016)

Subsidies with Export Share Requirements in China, with Alejandro Riaño
Journal of Development Economics, 2017, Vol 126, p. 33-51  [PDF]  [Online Appendix]
Best Conference Paper Award 2013  at the 6th FIW research conference
         Media: [Dani Rodrik,  2013] [Centrepiece Magazine, 2013] [Political Insight, 2012][Washington Examiner, 2014]
         op-ed: [Wall Street Journal - Asia Edition, October 3, 2012] [Le Figaro, December 4, 2012]  [VoxEU, January 4, 2013]
Relational Contracts and Supplier Turnover in the Global Economy, with Christian Fischer and Jens Südekum
Journal of International Economics, 2016, Vol 103, p. 147-165 [PDF]  [Online Appendix]
         ♦ See our Column in VoxEU
Spatial Exporters, with Benedikt Heid and Mario Larch
Journal of International Economics
2015, Vol 95, Issue 1, p. 145-156.  [PDF]  [Online Appendix]
Gone for Good? Subsidies with Export Share Requirements in China: 2002-2013, with Alejandro Riaño
World Bank Economic Review: Proceedings of the Annual Bank Conference on Development Economics, 2015, Issue 2, p. S125-S144.  [PDF]
Financial Liberalization and the Relationship-Specificity of Exports, with Jens Südekum
Economics Letters
, 2014, Volume 122, Issue 3, p. 375-379 [PDF]
Productivity, Relationship-Specific Inputs and the Sourcing Modes of Multinationals, with Farid Toubal
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 2013, Vol 94, p. 245-357
[PDF] [Online Appendix]
          Chair Jacquemin award, best paper, ETSG 2008
The Spatial Organization of Multinational Firms,
Canadian Journal of Economics
, 2012, Vol 45, N° 2. [PDF]
Functional Fragmentation and the Location of Multinational Firms in the Enlarged Europe,
Regional Science and Urban Economics
, 2006, vol 36, N°5, pp. 658-677.
Chapters in Books

China’s Dual Export Sector, with Alejandro Riaño, in B Zissimos (eds), WTO and Economic Development, 2019, MIT Press. [PDF]
Supplier Search and Re-matching in Global Sourcing, with Christian Fischer and Jens Suedekum, in W Kohler and E Yalcin (eds), New Developments in Global Sourcing, 2018, MIT Press. [PDF]
Is it strategic to attract the service activities of multinational firms? Some empirical evidence, in S Brakman and H Garretsen (eds), Foreign Direct Investment and the Multinational Enterprise, 2008, MIT Press. [PDF]
Policy Reports

Special Economic Zones, Global Value Chains, and the Degree of Economic Linkages in the Dominican Republic, World Bank Trade and Competitiveness Global Practice Report, February 2017. [PDF]

Older Working Papers

Incomplete Contracts and the Impact of Globalization on Consumer Welfare, 2011,

CESIfo Working Paper 3484 [PDF]

Other policy-oriented articles  

The Twin peaks of Export Intensity, VoxEU, with Alejandro Riaño, December 2017


Relational contracts and supplier turnover in the global economy, VoxEU, with Christian Fischer, Jens Südekum, October 2015


China’s trading success, CentrePiece, with Alejandro Riaño, Summer 2013 [PDF]

Protectionism by Exporting, VoxEU, with Alejandro Riaño, December 2012
China's Mercantilist Subsidies, Wall Street Journal, with Alejandro Riaño, 3rd October 2012 [PDF]
How do French multinational firms organize their international production process?, with Farid Toubal, VoxEU, 26 July 2008

Importations de biens intermédiaires et choix organisationnel des firmes multinationales françaises, avec Farid Toubal, Economie et Statistique, 2011, n°435-436, pp. 169-184. [PDF]

Elargissement de l’Union Européenne, Capital Humain et Gouvernance Publique: vers une délocalisation à l’est des activités de services ?, avec Rodolphe Desbordes, Economies et Sociétés, 2007, K, n°17, 5, pp. 751-767. [PDF]
Décomposition Internationale de la Chaîne de Valeur : Une étude de la localisation des firmes multinationales dans l'Union Européenne élargie, avec Jean-Louis Mucchielli, Revue Économique, 2005, vol 55, n°6, pp. 15-41. [PDF]
La France face aux nouvelles tendances de l'investissement international en Europe, avec Fabrice Hatem, Accomex, 2003, n°54, pp 36-44. [PDF] repris dans Le Monde (front page)
Autres publications  
Drôle de protectionnisme à la chinoise, Le Figaro, with Alejandro Riaño 4th December 2012 [PDF]